Gregory Allan Designs offers a 3D Visualization service to contractors looking for a competitive edge. Help your customers understand exactly what you are trying to sell by showing them the completed project before you begin!


Intended for those who plan on hiring a contractor to build their deck, we offer a basic Deck Design. First, site information is collected such as site pictures as well as door and window locations and sizes.

Next, based on client input, a preliminary design is completed. After reviewing the original design, one revision is made and a 3D design is completed with basic dimensioning included. We will remain available to you and your contractor once construction begins to help with any issues that may arise.


In addition to what's included in our Deck Design, the DIY Design includes;

-a complete material and hardware list

-a plan view drawing with footing and beam locations and sizes

-basic construction notes

To help with any questions you may have we include a one hour construction consultation before you begin. We can assist you with information on anything from framing to building your pergola.